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Why Should We Eat Organic Food?

Science is a wonderful thing. It has led to the eradication of diseases that used to cause epidemics across the world. It has contributed to the invention of technologies that have now become a major part of our daily lives. It has put man on moon and enabled space travel which allows us to learn about and even explore the world outside our own. There are so many advances that science made possible, however not all of them are beneficial. Sometimes certain advancements made to ease the lives of people did in the long run cause more trouble than good. One of these advancements was pesticides.

Before pesticides were created, farming was difficult to say the least. Yes, those lovely bars of loving earth chocolate you enjoy, well the cocoa that they need would have been difficult to grow without the use of pesticides. But more than cocoa, produce that rodents and other pests can easily gain access to such as corn, rice, cabbage, etc., were more affected. Pesticides made it possible to either kill the rodents or ensure that they do not approach the produce that is being protected. However while the use of pesticide enabled farmers to retain more crops and supply produce consistently, it was not good for health.Pesticides are filled with Toxins. Fruits and vegetables grown using pesticides can absorb the chemicals therefore if a human eats it, they are likely to consume those chemicals and they could be affected. It could cause Nausea, Headaches and even more serious health issues such as Cancer.Pesticide use aside, Science has also influenced the way production takes place. Therefore even things such as fermentation can now be done artificially. Furthermore the addition of chemicals to the food we consume is commonplace in today’s world.

Eventhough it is unnatural and can be attributed a myriad of health problems. Therefore it is important that we switch to organically sourced and produced products. Organic Products are the result of Mother Nature’s hard work with very little influence form a Human being. As they are completely natural, the benefits are more wholesome. Products such as braggs apple cider, which is naturally made, is raw and unfiltered therefore there are more benefits as the nutrition has not been removed. It is important that we make the switch to organic products or at least stand against the wide use of chemicals in everything we consume so that our health and the health of future generations will not be compromised.